Our team offers a “one stop” dream building experience centered on our proactive approach to managing every aspect of your project.

Superior Construction Louisville, KY


No project is too big for Superior. We can install kitchens, showers, vanities, toilets, cabinets, ceramic tiles, counter tops, wall tiles and much more. We can even convert an unused room or space to a lively, vibrant and fun place for you, your family and friends.
Every room is filled with potential, and we will identify that and bring it out in a way that makes it aesthetically appealing and practical.
When you choose to handover your remodeling to Superior, you can rest assure that you will receive more than best.
We plan out and prioritize all your needs, goals and desires. We ask you to describe your vision so that we can provide you with a remodeled home that incorporates all your specifications. From colors and patterns to lighting to room sizes, we will take everything into account. We will make sure that all the rooms and spaces flow together.
When you work with us, we will make sure to make your home one-in-a-million again. Your friends won’t be able to stop appreciating the beauty your home will hold, and your family will admire the masterpiece that will surround them for the rest of their lives.

Your home deserves the best hands in the industry. It deserves Superior Construction Services Group in Louisville.

Remodeling your home either by choice or after a catastrophe like water damage or fire, Superior prides itself on excellence. Our ability to produce consistent results, time and time again have proven to all of our clients that we are the only remodeling company you will ever need. We are full service general contractors with immediate access to a multitude of suppliers, and because we use the latest technology, we can have your estimate ready quickly and accurately.


We can repair and rebuild your home, like new from the ground up! We use our own team of licensed carpenters, master painters, and experts who take care of everything from plumbing to roofing to hardwood floor installation and everything in between. We are responsible and dedicated from start to finish.


Every project we undertake will get our full and constant attention. We make sure that the whole remodeling process goes smoothly for you and your family. Our results can stand the test of time. We don’t just try to solve a problem, we strive to solve the problem so that it never returns. We are trustworthy and reliable, and our track record proves our excellent craftsmanship. Referrals and repeat customers are the sign of a good business, and we take pride in saying we have both.